Cristina, Camp, and Candelabras

If there’s one thing I love, it’s camp.  So, if there’s a second thing I love, it’s Liberace. My grandparents have lived in Las Vegas for more than twenty years, and I’ve been visiting the (currently homeless) Liberace Museum for about as long. My house features many a tchotchke purchased at the museum’s gift shop.

Liberace Museum Turkey Feather Costume

So, you can only imagine how stoked I was for Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabara. From the day it was announced, I was ready. As the day of its premiere on HBO drew nearer, I knew I had to get my friends together to celebrate and watch. The campiness and fabulousness and Liberaceness were not to be denied. Now, because I currently live in Los Angeles and all my friends live in the Bay Area, the lovely Angela offered up her house and her party-planning prowess. Angela did the heavy lifting (and amazingly so!), decorating a la Lee’s “palatial kitsch” with gilded…well, everything. I brought some booze and a Jello mold. And my enthusiasm!

Behind the Candelabra Party Accessories

Guests were encouraged to dress up in Liberace-worthy duds. I opted for a sequined dress and big rings. (Photo by the lovely Adiel.)

The champagne was flowing! (Don’t worry, we weren’t getting children drunk. Club soda is just way more festive in a champagne glass!)

There were concoctions of dubious origins.

Silly photos were taken, featuring many silly faces. And apparently a beret made an appearance.


And Lee himself presided over things.

By the time the movie started, we were all pretty well in the bag. We did not have an official drinking game, but made one up as we went along. There was enough fromage in the movie that we all pretty well instinctively knew when to drink. For instance, when this happened:


A good time was had by all. A great time was had by most! (Put that on my tombstone.) I think we all need to watch the movie again because we were kind of drunk the first time, but I call that a successful evening.

Our next shindig will feature the classic film Willie Dynamite, which I foisted upon Angela and Steve when they came to visit me a few months ago. It really deserves a party.

3 Thoughts on “Cristina, Camp, and Candelabras

  1. Haha, so amazing.

  2. Wait. Did Matt Damon really slap that cigarette into his mouth like that, or is there some editing there?

    I watched it (not drunk). Unexpectedly good. Though I couldn’t help wondering how many takes they had to do due to breaking. It was so so close to farce; it’s kind of amazing how they kept it just this side.

  3. I think the gif starts from when he’s already got it in his mouth. It’s more him taking it out of his mouth and bitchfacing. Heh.

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